Some of Ms Virginia Meador's students with the new 6 inch Dobsonian
telescope that the owner of this website donated to their school.

Hi all!

It's been sometime since I last made a post to this website. For those who have not been to this site before: Singularity Scientific is a public service website devoted to amateur science - especially astronomy. It is produced by Rick Boozer, its owner.

I've seen too many people buy what they think is a great telescope without realizing they got a poor deal for their money. If you or someone you know is considering the purchase of a telescope, don't do it until you get the knowledge you need. Just click on on the link in the left panel labeled Amateur Astronomy (A Guide).

I finally donated the last of the new Dobsonian telescopes that I had purchased for giving away to schools. That 6 inch Dobsonian went to Camperdown Academy in Greenville, SC. Click here to read about other telescope donations I've made.

There are still free scientific software downloads and project details available on this site. Again, see the links in the left panel.

Because I have retired from software engineering and am now concentrating on getting my Master of Astronomy degree in astrophysics, I shall no longer have any of my own money to spare to buy telescopes to donate to schools. I will try to keep this website going with what meager funds I have, since this is a public service and a labor of love. Unfortunately, though thousands of you have downloaded my free software and extensively used my online astronomy reference materials, only one of you answered my request for donations to keep this website going.

 Rick Boozer can be contacted here.