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The owner of this website presents a new 8 inch Dobsonian telescope to Mrs. Nita Dale's Class


Hi my name is Rick Boozer, welcome to my recently remade website that I call Singularity Scientific.  While this unique place on the Internet has a new look and is offering many original free items relating to astronomy, spaceflight and other science related topics (where before it was only selling things for a fee), it?s ultimate purpose will be the same as it was before.  That purpose: to promote interest in astronomy, space, and science education in general.  Please note that this website represents the efforts of single individual and not a formal tax exempt organization.

The plan to accomplish the above stated purpose consists of two parts:

a) The development of useful educational science software and device plans that will be available for download free of charge from this website!  Some of that stuff is already available on the website, while more new things will be added as the owner of the site completes development of them.

b) The funding (hopefully) of astronomical education efforts conducted by the owner of the website through online donations.  These efforts will include: the costs of running this website, various educational astronomical research projects, and other educational science activities for the public.

I have already donated my personal time, materials, and money to various educational efforts.  For example, in June of 2003, I donated a new telescope and associated accessories to a school.  The instrument presented was an eight-inch Dobsonian telescope, Plossl eyepieces, filters, and a Barlow lens to Tryon Middle School in Tryon, NC.  Students of Mrs. Nita Dale?s class had already placed second in a statewide astronomy competition, and so had proven themselves worthy of the donation.  In fact, I have already bought three more telescopes with my own personal funds to give to schools to promote astronomy education.  This time, they will be given away via a contest on this website (click the Telescopes for Schools link above for details).  Unless extra funds come from this website, my equipment donations in the coming years will not be nearly as large as they are this year because I have extra expenses this year that I have not had in previous years.

Through the previous incarnation of this website, I tried to raise the money needed to meet the above stated goals by obtaining high quality accessories for astronomical telescopes and selling them to the public.  Unfortunately, I was not able to sell enough of these accessories, since I cannot spend large sums of money for advertising to generate the needed amount of web traffic.

It is now hoped that the lure of free downloadable software, device plans, and online educational tutorials (publicized by person-to-person communication) will significantly increase traffic to this website and that a significant fraction of visitors will donate whatever amount they feel appropriate to the website's mission.  Any amount, no matter how small, will be appreciated.  This website costs hundreds of dollars a year to maintain, which was money that might have gone to benefit science education at local schools.  All monies received by donation will be applied toward maintenance of this website, the development of new items to be offered for free on this website, and equipment for donation or for use in public educational activities.

About the owner of this website: Rick Boozer is an avid amateur astronomer who has been involved in the hobby of observational astronomy for over 40 years.  He is a professional software engineer and is also a member in good standing of the Foothills Astronomical Society based in Tryon, NC.

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