Bear Driver, The - see BoŲtes.


Bereniceís Hair - see Coma Berenices.


Betelgeuse - a zero magnitude red giant star in the constellation Orion.


Big Dipper, The - a large dipper shaped asterism located in the constellation Ursa Major.  Referred to as The Plow in Britain and The Drinking Gourd in western Africa.  The Big Dipper is very useful for locating other points of interest in the sky as described in the first part of  Learning Your Way Around the Sky.


Bird of Paradise, The - see Apus.


BoŲtes - constellation of the Bear Driver.  In Greek and Roman mythology he chases the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor around the sky forever.


Caelum - constellation of the Engraving Tool.


Camelopardalis - constellation of the Giraffe.


Cancer - constellation of the Crab.


Canes Venatici - constellation of the Hunting Dogs.  NOT the same as Canis Major and Canis Minor.


Canis Major - the larger of Orionís dogs.


Canis Minor - the smaller of Orionís dogs.


Capella - brightest star in the constellation Auriga.


Capricornus - constellation of the Sea Goat.  It suckled the infant Zeus.


Carina - constellation of the Shipís Keel.  The ship being the Argus,  on which the Jason sailed to find the golden fleece of Aries.


Cassiopeia - constellation of the Queen.  Mother of  Andromeda.


Castor - The fainter of the two most prominent stars in Gemini.


Centaurus - the Centaur.  Specifically Chiron, the most intelligent of all centaurs.


Cepheus - constellation of a mythical hero who was the husband of Cassiopeia.


Cetus - constellation of the Whale.  Perseus saved Andromeda from this dreaded sea monster.


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