Air Pump, The - see Antilia.

 Aldebaran - the brightest star in the constellation Taurus.

 Algol - called the Demon Star because its brightness varies drastically over roughly a three day period.

 Altar, The - see Ara.

 Andromeda - constellation of a mythical princess.  Daughter of Cassiopeia.

 Antares - a red giant star, the brightest one in Scorpius.  Its name means “Rival of Mars” in Greek.

 Antilia - constellation of the Air Pump.

 Apus - constellation of the Bird of Paradise.

 Aquarius - constellation of the Water Carrier.  Many of  the lands around the Mediterranean have their rainy season during the months in which the sun is in Aquarius, thus the origin of the name.

 Aquila - constellation of the Eagle.  Holder of Zeus’ thunderbolts.

 Arcturus - a red giant star which is the brightest star in the constellation Boötes.  In fact, it is one of the very brightest stars in the sky.

 Ara - constellation of the Centaur’s Altar.

 Aries - constellation of the Ram.  Aries’ fleece was said to be made of gold.

 Archer, The - see Sagittarius.

 Arrow, The - see Sagitta.

 Asterism - an arbitrary group of stars which may be part of one constellation or contain pieces of several constellations.

 Auriga - constellation of the Charioteer.  He holds up a goat and two kids with his left arm and the reins to his horses with his right hand.  The brightest star in this constellation is the first magnitude star Capella.


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