This month Deneb is on the meridian in its role as the easternmost point of The Summer Triangle.  As revealed in Figure 24, to the east of Deneb lie the  stars of the constellation Lacerta, The Lizard.  North-northwest of Lacerta is the mythical king Cepheus.  Directly to the east is Cepheus’ wife, whose stars are in the shape of a letter ‘W’ turned sideways.  She is Cassiopeia, The Queen.  

Figure 24: September constellations near the meridian. 

Eastward of Lacerta is Pegasus, The Winged Horse.  The four stars in the torso of the horse form a huge but slightly lopsided rectangle.  This asterism is known as The Great Square.  Try picking out The Great square using Figure 24 as your guide.  Immediately below The Great Square is the western extremity of Pisces, The Fish.   A slightly flattened oval shaped asterism known as The Circlet exists in this section of Pisces.


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