You found The Coffin in Ophiuchus last month, please locate it again.  At the part of The Coffin closest to the horizon and extending eastward are the stars of Serpens Cauda, The Tail Of The Snake.  To the south of Serpens Cauda, see if you can make out the faint pattern of stars comprising Scutum, The Shield as represented in Figure 22

 Figure 22: July constellations near the meridian. 

You should be able to see all or nearly all (depending on your latitude) of the stars in Scorpius.  As mentioned last month, this constellation is easy to find because of the bright reddish  star Antares.   But look to the east of Scorpius and you will see a tea pot shaped asterism complete with handle and spout known as Sagittarius, The Archer.  This area is a very important part of the sky for reasons I am about to discuss.


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