As Figure 27 illustrates, the extreme western side of Perseus, the far eastern side of Cetus, and the center of Eridanus lie on the meridian this month.  Camelopardalis has moved to where it is very close to the  meridian.  Also, note that the constellations which we covered in January are now rising in the east.


Figure 27: Constellations of December. 

The most interesting sight this month is The Pleiades open cluster whose brightest stars are  also known as The Seven Sisters.  There are a large number of stars in this open cluster, but only the famous seven  are visible to the naked eye  They seem to form a small dipper shape which explains why a lot of people mistakenly think this asterism is The Little Dipper.  No matter how politely and tactfully I say it, some people get quite angry with me when inform them that The Pleiades are not The Little Dipper!


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