We will not discuss as many new constellations in April as we did in previous months.  Mainly because you learned about most of the interesting stuff for this month when you read The Big Dipper, Your Key To The Sky.



 Figure 19: New constellations for April.


        Using Figure 19, look below Sextans and pick out as many as you can of the faint stars in the long snaky body of Hydra.  If your site is really dark and no trees or other obstructions block your southern horizon, you should also be able to pick out the fifth and sixth magnitude stars of Crater, The Cup to the southeast of Sextans.

        Between Spica (see The Big Dipper, Your Key To The Sky to remember how to find this star) and Crater, look for the lopsided quadrangle outline of Corvus, The Crow.


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