Though not directly related to eyepieces, another important accessory is a finder scope.  This is either a very small low power telescope or a non-magnifying aiming device mounted on the side of your telescope.  It typically has a much wider field of view than the main telescope, so it makes finding objects much easier.  Just look through the finder scope’s eyepiece and line up the cross hairs on the object you seek.  Assuming your finder scope is properly aligned, the object will then be visible through the main telescope. 

There is a relatively new electronic version of the finder scope called a Telrad.  It mounts on your telescope to give you a heads-up display of a bulls-eye target which appears to be projected on the sky.  Just turn your telescope until the bulls-eye is lined up on the object you seek. 

Thus ends our discussion of eyepieces and accessories.  I could say much more on the subject, but I want to save you from information overload.


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